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Cyclow-tech Tour is an association committed to researching and showcasing new low-tech systems. Our first mission will be to ride through Europe by bicycle, in order to meet the new actors of this process, and to film, comment and draw the low tech they conceive and create.

The project in a few figures :

10 000

km by bike

17 pays a traverser



before departure

Our goal :

Make a filmed report and write an illustrated magazine covering our expedition.

About us

Coming from an environment and land planning engineering background, we always felt particularly invested for the democratization of territory resilience, energy sobriety and perma-architecture. Facing the alarming signals of the global crisis, we are choosing to promote low-tech, the ow technologies, by questioning the technocratic path taken by our society. These solutions favor simplicity, local manufacturing, as well as traditional or old methods. Go further and discover our project, our values, our methods and their impacts !

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